Welcoming New Circle Members in Houston!

This month The Policy Circle team headed to Houston to spread the organization’s message and vision with more than 68 women in the area. A very big thank you to our host Heidi Cruz and her 7 co-hosts, whose leadership to bring together an amazing group of women is very much appreciated. 

The women who came together for the evening were enthusiastic about the night’s discussion topic: civic engagement. Dialogue and unique perspectives flowed freely, giving the women a chance to have meaningful conversations with a wide variety of backgrounds represented  – in business, philanthropy, media, stay-at-home-moms, graduate students and even a comedian. This network of women found a deep appreciation for The Policy Circle’s discussion model and fact-based briefs. 

Many women expressed concern over the lack of involvement in civic life, and a desire for more interpersonal communications – conversations that do not turn personal but instead are grounded in facts. Here were some thoughts that surfaced:

  • Millennials find being an active, civic participant is challenging due to mobility
  • Civic dialogue is becoming harder to engage in for fear of being attacked
  • We need to encourage communication about policy issues, not shut the conversation down when confronted with an opposing viewpoint 
  • Policy is what is happening in your neighborhood – so everyone should care and be involved
  • Best way to have a difficult conversation is to begin by listening, ask why they think that way and look for at least one area of agreement
  • Each of our sphere of influence is bigger than we think.

This is why Policy Circle conversations are so important. The Policy Circle is more than just group discussions on policy. It’s a platform  to help women build their confidence and develop their leadership skills, in addition to offering women a way to connect with others interested in leading and engaging in policy. By giving women open conversation channels, we empower them to find their own voice and their capacity for thought leadership. When we put what we think into our own words, we own our thoughts in a new, more powerful and confident way.

The growth in the Lone Star State isn’t limited to just Houston – which now boasts four new Circles – but in the coming months, The Policy Circle will be in Austin to continue the conversation with women about how they can make the most impact in their communities. Want to get involved? Start a Circle in your community ! 

We also hope you’ll join us at the Policy Circle’s Leadership Summit November 15 in Chicago to continue the conversations. Registration is open!