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Breakdown at the Border:
How States are Tackling the Immigration Crisis

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Women and Economic Freedom: What Does The Research Say?

Can we mandate our way to greater economic freedom for women? The Policy Circle explored this question and many more last week with a panel discussion in partnership with SMU’s Bridwell Institute for Economic Freedom, exploring the research commissioned by the joint initiative. We’re thrilled to announce the forthcoming publication of our Women and Economic Freedom Policy Brief later this year, which will not only present the research, but also provide historical context, legislative insights, essential data, and actionable takeaways.

Coalitions and Collaboration: How Leadership Transforms Communities

The Full Circle Leadership Series virtual event of 2024 featured Maggie Baczkowski, a catalyst for change in Chicago’s fight against gun violence. Through her work at Strides for Peace, she united hundreds of community organizations and grassroots leaders in Chicago, focusing on root causes and solutions. Discover her tips for tackling issues neighborhood by neighborhood, and explore the power of community coalitions as a leadership tactic to create stronger, more resilient cities.

The Policy Circle’s 2023 Leadership Summit

In November, we hosted a record-breaking Summit in Tampa with 650 in-person and virtual participants. Themed “Focus on the Future: Unleashing the Promise of Each Generation,” our event gathered some of the best and brightest minds, sparked insightful conversations, highlighted actionable solutions, and left attendees more informed and connected. See our Summit Impact Report, stream videos of the Summit panels, or browse the photo album

Take The Hill: How To Drive Policy Change in Your State

How do you translate passion into action and legislative change? Nicole Nosek (Texans for Reasonable Solutions) and Elizabeth Carlock Phillips (The Phillips Foundation) joined The Policy Circle for a Full Circle Leadership Series event. Through the importance of compelling storytelling, strategic partnerships, and the power of showing up, this conversation unpacked the different approaches to having a lasting, sustainable, and constructive impact in your community.

Move the Needle: Nowhere to Go But Up: The Future of Education in America

Last week, The Policy Circle hosted our latest virtual event, “Nowhere To Go But Up: The Future Of Education In America.” The conversation with Mike McShane from EdChoice and Lori Armistead from the Walton Family Foundation centered around the shortcomings of our current education system and innovative solutions to improve outcomes for students.

Move the Needle: The Threat of China

How much U.S. farmland does China own, and what are the implications? How is China attempting to influence U.S. Politics? Is TikTok a concern? Hear from the Chairman of the Select Committee on China, Rep. Mike Gallagher, and President and CEO of Long Term Strategy Group and Senior Fellow of the Foreign Policy Research Institute, Dr. Jacqueline Deal, discussing how China’s increasingly aggressive tactics impact your daily life and jeopardize our national security.

Take Your Seat with Peggy Venable

Our quarterly Full Circle Leadership Series, presented by The Bowe Stewart Foundation, returned with Peggy Venable, Director of Governor Abbott’s Appointments Office.

Peggy shared 35 years of knowledge and insights on state boards and commissions, including how to get appointed to one, position yourself for success, and make a difference once appointed. If you want to serve your state and directly impact policy, Peggy’s expertise is an invaluable resource!

The Power of Persuasion with Vanessa Mendoza

As the Co-Founder and CEO of Kite & Key Media and an attorney by training, Vanessa knows how to build compelling cases and tell stories that cut through the noise. Vanessa unpacked how to: 

  • Prioritize loads of information to highlight facts that move, inspire, and change minds
  • Simplify your messaging
  • Connect with your audience
  • Leverage creativity and humor to win hearts and minds.

Vanessa’s insights help local leaders build stronger coalitions, champion issues, and, ultimately, influence public policy. 

Move the Needle: The Failures and Future of the U.S. Foster Care System

The Policy Circle kicked off our first Move the Needle Virtual Experience of the year, discussing the realities of the current U.S. foster care system. Watch as we discussed the challenges and explore solutions to a crisis impacting children across the country with Naomi Schaefer Riley, Fellow at American Enterprise Institute and Senior Fellow at Independent Women’s Forum, and Megan Rose, CEO of Better Together.

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