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Civic Leadership Engagement Roadmap

Do you want to use your voice, time and talent to make meaningful change in your community? Are you motivated to build on your civic knowledge base? Are you prepared to grow as an impactful leader? The Policy Circle’s Civic Leadership Engagement Program might be for you!

The purpose of the Policy Circle organization is to inform, inspire and develop free-market community leaders. Over the past 5 years, we have focused on creating the ideal environment for women to become informed and inspired on economic public policy via roundtable discussions. To meet demand and encourage local, state and national leadership talent to engage in public service, we have launched the Civic Leadership Engagement Roadmap (CLER) program to move more women from civic knowledge to civic engagement.

Women Engage. Women Lead. Women Change the Conversation.

CLER will develop and build the confidence in women to step forward during this unprecedented time to lead and influence for the betterment of their community, state and country. The program will equip, incentivize and challenge participants to engage within their Circles and communities. To meet the demands of our diverse and unique Policy Circle members, our self-directed program will include experiential learning, volunteering, leadership development and various forms of activism that allows participants to pursue a pathway that is synergistic with their ultimate goals, while being mindful of their current season in life.

Through our expertly created curriculum, participants will take specific actions that fundamentally change policy conversations and outcomes and ensure more women hold leadership roles in their communities and in public office.  The curriculum facilitates an understanding of the American founding and the principles that live on today. Participants will:

  • Develop leadership capacity
  • Build the confidence to engage
  • Engage with your community and drive action
  • Build on your civic knowledge base
  • Step out of your comfort zone through action, so be prepared!

The program will start with monthly virtual video conference meetings combined with world-class training and the opportunity to connect with other women leaders and special guests from across the country.

Criteria for Participation

Successful applicants will have the following characteristics:

  • Civic-minded and committed to her community: wants to use her voice and her time to make meaningful change in her community, votes, volunteers and has the drive to lead.
  • Leadership capacity and experience: has demonstrated leadership experience in her career and/or other aspects of her life and is ready to take on more leadership capacity.
  • Growth mindset: seeks opportunities to expand her leadership skills and style as well as her purpose, and is creative in problem-solving and goal setting.

Policy Circle Advocate Badge

The first step for CLER applicants is to achieve Policy Circle Advocate status by earning achievements in two of the following areas: participation, circle expansion, and/or investment

Received Recommendation

All circle members will be requested to submit a recommendation from a Circle Leader to participate in the CLER program

Application Approval

All applications to participate will be reviewed by a CLER panel of advisors

If you have any questions about the criteria for participation, please email the CLER program team at

Connection is at the heart of The Policy Circle’s model and mission. More than 3,500 women across the country gather regularly to learn about public policy and take action in their communities. Circles provide an open, encouraging environment that fosters friendship and purpose. We celebrate our shared love of country, community and our growing tribe of women who are changing the conversation. Please consider supporting our mission and developing your own leadership skills by becoming a financial supporter

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