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Sep 15, 2017

You’re Invited: Our First Circle Leadership Summit

The Policy Circle is pleased to announce that this year’s Women’s Influence and Leadership summit will take place on Friday, November 10, at the beautiful American Airlines Conference Center in Chicago! We had a terrific public event last year focused on policy discussions. This year, the event will be a Women’s Influence and Leadership summit […]

Sep 15, 2017

Forging Ahead – Understanding The Budget Process

Amidst the headline-grabbing activity taking place within the White House, some important reforms are at work in Congress. The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget (CRFB), a nonpartisan 501(c)(3) provides a sense of the substance included in the House Fiscal Year 2018 (FY18) budget resolution. Below is a top-line summary of the House resolution, along with a brief note on how […]

Sep 14, 2017

The Power of Storytelling: Key Takeaways from SPN

The State Policy Network’s annual meeting is the “must attend” networking and knowledge sharing event for more than 1300 professionals from state and national policy-related organizations from around the country.    As a grassroots policy discussion network, The Policy Circle is a perfect complement to the work of these organizations who are on the cutting edge […]

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Sep 2, 2017

In Honor of Labor Day: Where Are we Headed?

This year, as we come together as a nation to celebrate Labor Day, let’s pause to understand where a movement which began in 1881 to protect workers is at in its mission. When were the first unions formed? The Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions was formed in 1881, and the American Federation of […]

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Sep 2, 2017

Straight out of Texas: The Policy Circle and state priorities at the SPN’s annual meeting

The Policy Circle team was in San Antonio, Texas, this week for the State Policy Network ’s 25th annual meeting.  While we were not near the wreckage of the storm, meeting attendees were very aware of the crisis just to the east and south along Texas’ Gulf Coast.  We saw evacuees staying in the meeting hotel, heard about […]

Aug 17, 2017

What Still Matters: The Google Memo, Charlottesville & John Stuart Mill

On August 7th, former Google software engineer James Damore was punished for circulating a 10-page document that he and others have described as a “reasoned, well-researched, good-faith argument.” The opposing opinion is that his document furthered a trend of sexism in the tech world. The document was “circulated internally” and it raised “questions about cultural […]