The Policy Circle

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Are you ready for real conversation? You are not alone.

Imagine ...

A group of women who, like you, are concerned about their communities and want

  • Discussions, not arguments
  • Policy, not politics
  • Facts, not feelings
  • More creativity, less red tape

Join us. We're Growing.



The Policy Circle’s vision is that women across the Nation are connected and engaged in their communities, openly sharing their views and taking a leadership role in public policy dialogue on what human creativity can accomplish in a free market economy. Take a look. It only takes 2 minutes.

What do members say?

“Thank you for having the vision to organize The Policy Circle. I can’t tell you how inspiring it is to have an outlet for intelligent, constructive and educational conversation about the serious issues we all face today. For so long, I have silently worried about where our state and country is headed and, as an individual, the problem seems overwhelmingly impossible to tackle. With others, there is strength and power – both in ideas and actions – and, suddenly, the potential for change seems very possible.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you … and look forward to exploring issues and identifying ways we can all pitch in to make a difference.”

-Lisa F.

Bring the Policy Circle to your Community

It’s easy to do. Find a friend and just start by gathering a few women in your community who share your concerns and want to bring positive change in policy. We provide the facts and framework for you and your Circle to have an open dialogue about policies that foster human creativity in a free-market economy.

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