The Policy Circle's Military Outreach Initiative

Women of the Military Community, your commitment to service extends far beyond the call of duty. Channel that passion into civic leadership with The Policy Circle's Military Outreach Initiative. We open doors for women of the military community by offering new avenues to lead and make a difference in their communities.

What is The Policy Circle?

The Policy Circle is a nonpartisan, 501c3 non-profit organization that informs, equips, and connects curious, action-oriented women who believe in the power of free enterprise, entrepreneurialism, and personal agency. Through a diverse array of resources and programs, The Policy Circle cultivates civic literacy and engagement. Our community members read Policy Briefs for balanced, fact-based information, join Circles across the country to start conversations within their communities, and tune into programming and events featuring thought leaders who offer fresh perspectives. Join The Policy Circle, take advantage of these resources, and stay in touch by connecting with us here.

Two Paths to Get Involved:
  • Through the TPC Network: Join The Policy Circle, access our resources, and connect with like-minded women across the nation to engage in meaningful discussions and action-oriented initiatives. 
  • Through CLER (Civic Leadership Engagement Roadmap): One of the most impactful ways we foster civic engagement is through CLER, our 3-month, self-paced leadership program. Building upon the strides made in 2023, The Policy Circle is committed to reaching communities rooted in service, which is why we’re delighted to extend the opportunity to apply for a full scholarship to eligible women within the military community who aspire to join CLER (a limited number of scholarships are available.)

Ready to Lead?

Do you envision innovative solutions to community challenges but aren’t sure how to turn those ideas into reality? Have you noticed gaps in local services and wondered how you could contribute? Does it seem like some things, from roads to schools, aren’t improving, leaving you wondering who’s in charge?

If these questions resonate with you, it’s time to take the next step in your leadership journey with CLER. Apply Today!

The military family has an important voice, with a powerful perspective of service and dedication to our country – we are here to help you amplify that voice.

About CLER:

The Civic Leadership Engagement Roadmap (CLER) is The Policy Circle’s self-paced, experiential program that takes participants from having general civic knowledge to becoming civic leaders over the span of three months. 

Our innovative curriculum is action-oriented, ensuring that you not only learn but also apply your knowledge to effect real change in your community. Through one-on-one coaching, mastermind peer groups, networking opportunities, and curated activities, you’ll forge connections with local policy leaders and decision-makers, amplifying your impact and influence. We offer three distinct courses, read more about them here


CLER Scholarships Available for Military Community:

Women of the Military Community who are current active duty service members, veterans, military spouses, and military family members – this is for you! The Policy Circle proudly offers full scholarships to eligible women within the military community for CLER. We’re committed to ensuring that financial barriers never stand in the way of your potential to make a difference.

2023 Military Outreach Highlights

CLER Military Participants
of total CLER Participants were from the Military Community
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CLER provided the framework and the encouragement to get involved, to make a difference.

Caroline Fermin

Retired Lieutenant Colonel, USMC​

Meet Our Military Alumni

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2024 CLER Cohort Courses:

CLER 1.0: Founding Principles & Local Government
CLER 2.0: State & Federal

2024 CLER Cohort Dates:   

Summer Cohort: June 1 – August 31
Fall Cohort: 
September 1 – November 30

Application Deadline for Summer Cohorts is May 17, 2024.

Amy Brigham, military spouse and CLER Graduate, wins the Bowe Stewart Emerging Civic Leader Award at the 2023 Leadership Summit.

Our Partners

Since the launch of our Military Initiative, we have partnered with incredible organizations to help us raise awareness on this important civic resource for women in the military community:

The Policy Circle’s Military Initiative is made possible through the generosity of Hoffman Foundation. Learn more about this effort by contacting Marjorie Eastman, Leadership Outreach Fellow, at