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Nowhere To Go But Up: The Future of Education in America

Last week, The Policy Circle hosted our latest virtual event, “Nowhere To Go But Up: The Future Of Education In America.” The conversation with Mike McShane from EdChoice and Lori Armistead from the Walton Family Foundation centered around the shortcomings of our current education system and innovative solutions to improve outcomes for students.

Missed the live event? Click here to stream the program.


What We Learned

Test Scores are Seriously Concerning: The 2022 Nation’s Report Card showed the largest decline in math scores in 50 years and the lowest history scores in 30 years. Reading scores declined in 33 states.

We are Not Ready for the Future: Only half of the jobs currently exist that students will one day fill. That means we need to determine which skills are needed to prepare students for the future workforce and assess which specific jobs our communities will need most.

AI is a Mixed Bag: We need to shift instructional methods to take advantage of technological advancements like AI and consider the myriad of challenges presented. Rethinking delivery models will be especially important for rural and underserved students.

Parents Need Options: Beyond educational quality, many parents are concerned about the learning environment – especially as it relates to the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of their children. Parents want the flexibility to tailor schooling to their specific student, and finally, several states are providing more options that empower those parents.


What You Can Do

Connect with your Community: Attend school board meetings, use social media to connect with parents in your area, and meet with teachers in your community.

Learn & Convene: Use the Education Innovation Brief, published earlier this year in partnership with EdChoice, to host a Policy Circle Roundtable Conversation focused on innovative practices in education and decide on the next steps in your community.

Volunteer & Lead: Sign up for CLER 3.0 to learn more about k-12 Education and identify how you can leverage your skills, time, and resources tohelp influence policies that empower each student to succeed.

“All of the skills that people have on this call are needed.” – Mike McShane

Resources Mentioned


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