Jennifer’s Journey to Civic Leadership

Jennifer Berman, CLER participant

For Jennifer Berman, giving back and helping people is her passion.

After a successful career in pharmaceutical sales, following her passion and purpose to help others, Jennifer took a new role raising funds for nonprofit organizations in her local community.

Jennifer has dedicated herself to civic engagement by enrolling in our Civic Leadership Engagement Roadmap (CLER) program.

“The Policy Circle and the CLER program have given me such confidence to assert my voice and become more civically engaged. In doing the work with the CLER program, I also developed more rapport and learned a lot about the leaders in my community. It’s also been eye-opening to realize just how few women are in leadership in the community. That definitely needs to change!”

Jennifer got started on her CLER journey by meeting with her local Supervisor of Elections, Vicky Oakes. She said this opportunity allowed her to grow professionally and that the CLER program is encouraging her to step out of her comfort zone.

She continues to play a role in her community. She signed up to become a poll worker in the next election and spoke at the Mayor’s Commission on the Status of Women. 

Jennifer is a part of The Policy Circle’s Florida State Leadership Council and regularly hosts circles to discuss our policy briefs with other civic-minded women. Women like Jennifer give us great hope for the future.

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