2020 Election: A Historic Year for Women

The 2020 Election has been a historic year for women, as today Kamala Harris has become the first woman Vice President-elect in America’s history, and a record-breaking number of women won seats in the U.S. House of Representatives (Rutgers CAWP).

This has been a divisive election for our country, and hard-fought on all sides — in the middle of a global pandemic, and during social unrest, half of our nation is rejoicing while half feels dejected. America has been through divided times before, but with the strong foundation that is our democracy, we’ve overcome adversity. 

We should all take a moment to pause and reflect on this election. The path forward is together, and while building trust may be an uphill climb, it’s up to us to be informed and stay engaged – especially on the local level. 

Trust amongst all of us needs to be built to heal division, foster collaboration to create solutions, build opportunities for all Americans. It’s imperative that we come together to have thoughtful, meaningful, substantive conversations, leaving behind assumptions. This is the cornerstone of The Policy Circle Model: leading through fact-based conversation on the complex policy issues that impact us all, then taking action in our communities to make change.  

As you are planning to host a Policy Circle conversation in your neighborhood, in your professional network, or at your school on Financial Literacy, the Constitution, the House of Representatives or the Senate, take a mental break with a shot of Satishfaction. Satish Kumar is an Indian guru that French Blogger Merci Alfred interviewed for 16 little videos that will make you smile.  He reminds us of Yoda whispering words of common sense wisdom.


The Policy Circle Team

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