Sylvie Légère, Co-Founder & President, The Policy Circle 2019 Concordia Annual Summit: Plenary Remarks

By The Policy Circle Team

The Policy Circle is proud to be in New York this week to take part in the 2019 Concordia Annual Summit —the largest and most inclusive nonpartisan forum alongside the United Nations General Assembly. Today, The Policy Circle Co-Founder and President Sylvie Légère was on hand for the Summit and spoke on the power of cross-sector collaboration between private enterprise and the development community in advancing lasting progress to the greatest challenges of our time: 

“We’re living in a challenging time, offering unprecedented growth but also uncertainty. In this current global environment, the private and public sectors must work together to foster human flourishing around the globe.. That’s why The Policy Circle and Concordia are complementary organizations – we are both are helping bring together diverse voices and perspectives to have often difficult discussions and find ways to work together to create and advocate for innovative solutions.”

During the Concordia Annual Summit, decision-makers and opinion-formers in the public, private and nonprofit sectors, as well as the next generation of partnership-builders, will work towards finding ways to advance critical global discussions and transform conversations into action. The Policy Circle stands behind these efforts and will continue to provide a fact-based, nonpartisan framework that inspires women living in the same community to connect, learn about and discuss public policies that impact creativity. 

The Concordia Summit is also an opportunity to celebrate the importance of advancing women’s economic empowerment – which we place at the forefront of efforts to advance wellbeing. Légère: 

“Together, women of The Policy Circle engage in conversations on public policy because action begins with a conversation. Women have in themselves a strong capacity for thought leadership and they can advocate for policies that foster human creativity and responsibility in an open economy. Today, we stand strong with  more than 3500 Policy circle members across the United States, and around the world, in places like Egypt, Lebanon and Tunisia — who are part of their community’s conversations, helping to educate women about how their voices can shape their country and their lives.”

The role of the private sector has never been more crucial to catalyzing and scaling the type of innovation required for the world to meet the demands it faces on a daily basis. Thanks to the free enterprise system, millions upon millions have been lifted out of poverty bringing unprecedented opportunity, health and happiness to people across the globe.

How did this happen and will it continue to reach those who have not been touched? The Policy Circle’s Economic Growth Brief covers the evolution of the free enterprise system and explains how it has changed lives throughout the course of history.

We look forward to continuing the conversation on this topic, as well as many others at the 2019 Policy Circle Leadership Summit in Chicago November 15th.  Join us.