Join The Policy Circle For A Reception During The United Nations General Assembly

The Policy Circle along with Concordia invites you to join us in New York City on Tuesday, September 24th for an evening reception at a private residence during the U.N. General Assembly. This event will honor the passage of The BUILD Act and is open to supporters at the Impact Level.

Summer is ending with a Cohort of New Circle Leaders

By The Policy Circle Team

It’s been a busy month of growth at The Policy Circle. Eight new circles were formed, ten circle leaders onboarded, six circle meetings were held with Civic Engagement being the most popular summer brief. Each of the women in these circles represent the vast stages of a woman’s life, from college students to young professionals to  mothers and grandmothers. All driven by the desire to give more back to the world and to be part of a solution. 

The Policy Circle is giving them the tools to reach these goals. This quote from a new circle leader captured it all: It is life impacting.

 “I have been involved with some of the conversations hosted by a policy circle near my home and have been inspired to host my own. I truly enjoy discussing policy and having a deeper understanding of issues currently impacting our world. I want to engage with other people around me interested in learning and discussing issues with me in depth and help our community grow stronger because of it.” – Shelby M.

Connector Program Grows

The Policy Circle Connector Program was designed for individuals (including men) who have a passion for encouraging women to step outside of the box and into meaningful conversation. Connectors inspire women to take their policy engagement to the next level by creating their own Policy Circles. The program has grown to include 50 Connectors from around the country.  Summer is a great time to reconnect with people, take the opportunity to have a meaningful conversation about The Policy Circle, and earn a Connector Badge by Recommending Circle Leaders. Contact Nicole Cline at to learn more.

Summer Circle, Network and State Activity

Each season brings online a new cohort of Circles and it brings us great happiness to welcome ten new Circle Leaders in the Summer Cohorts 2019: Madeline J. College Student at the University of Chicago (Illinois), Linda C: (Illinois) came to us through Nancy M., Benia S. (Illinois), Emily C (Pennsylvania), Monica P. (Michigan), Shelby M. (Indiana), Tia R. (Ohio), Allison G. (Ohio), Carly N. (Michigan), Teri S. (Florida).

  • New circles in: Ohio, Maryland, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky
  • New connectors: Emily S. (Washington); Brian M. (Indiana)
  • New networks: Elect Women Utah, Tax Foundation of Iowa, The Aspen Institute

Indiana State Leadership Council members organized a thought-provoking event titled “An Exhibit and Conversation: The Beauty of Front Porch Citizenship” and met up at an Indiana Fever’s game to cheer on female athletes and socialize with other circle members and their families.  

Indiana Policy Circle members: Mark your calendars for two upcoming events:

Illinois State Leadership Council: The Policy Circle is proud to announce the three co-chairs for the Illinois State Leadership Council. Lisa C., Beth F. and Nancy M. The Council is in development and will announce committee chairs and launch plans this fall.

State Leadership Councils consist of volunteers who support The Policy Circle’s mission by expanding into more areas within the state, providing policy engagement opportunities and identifying policy priorities specific to that state. Would you like to learn more about State Leadership Councils? Contact Nicole Cline at

Finally, don’t miss the chance to meet your cohort at the Annual Policy Circle Leadership Summit — Registration is Now Open

The Policy Circle is a 501(c)3 which provides a fact-based, nonpartisan framework built to inspire women living in the same community to connect, learn about and discuss economic policies that impact their lives.  Women across the nation are taking a leadership role in the public policy dialogue on what human creativity can accomplish in an open economy.