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Rebuilding Trust in America

America faced unprecedented challenges in 2020, and the deluge of information and misinformation has been staggering. Pervasive distrust undermines authority and credibility of leading institutions, and hinders collaboration within and amongst communities. What does the state of trust look like in America today? And how can we as citizens bridge these gaps?

Part of the Conversation Series: The 2023 Series The Community Series

Affirmative Action

For decades, affirmative action has been the subject of debate. With a recent Supreme Court decision, both universities and employers are left to grapple with the legality, fairness, and effectiveness of affirmative action. This Brief will delve into the history of race-based considerations, and explore the uncertain path forward.

Aging in the 21st Century

On the whole, the population of the United States is getting older. But what does that entail? How might an aging population impact cultural perspectives on old age or prompt social changes? What can a workforce of older adults bring to the economy? What are the financial costs associated with this population trend in terms of retirement and health care? Individuals, private businesses, and policymakers will all play an important role as the impacts of an aging population become clear.

Part of the Conversation Series: The Community Series

Antitrust: Balancing Competition and Innovation

The stated goal of antitrust laws is to make sure business are operating fairly, and to protect consumers by ensuring that a competitive marketplace gives them access to more choices, low prices, high-quality goods, and innovative products. In 2021, Congress proposed a number of new pieces of antitrust legislation and dozens of antitrust lawsuits are pending. This wave of antitrust actions will likely reshape the business and regulatory landscape impacting both businesses and consumers.

Part of the Conversation Series: The Business Series

Armed Forces

Following the attacks on Sept. 11th, 2001, the United States experienced nearly 20 years of armed conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan. The war in Afghanistan was the longest war in U.S. history, longer than World War I, World War II, and the Vietnam War combined. It impacted not only active-duty service members and their families but also those in the industries around them, such as healthcare workers, engineers, policymakers,  those in aid organizations, and journalists; the numbers comprise an entire generation of Americans. 

Part of the Conversation Series: The 2023 Series The Foundational Series

Business Guide to Civic Engagement

The purpose of The Policy Circle Engagement Guides is to provide context and resources related to local engagement opportunities, so that any organization, group, or individual can participate in what’s happening in the community in which they operate and live. This opens opportunities to be a part of the fabric of the community, and build a network of local community members, all of which will ultimately improve business outcomes. This guide focuses on local businesses and entrepreneurs, their role in the community, and the ecosystem of relationships between local government, community, business and employees.

Campaign Finance

This brief dives into the basics of campaign finance, specifically the key terminology and debates surrounding campaign spending; the types of political organizations that raise and spend money in the political process; laws and court cases that have shaped campaign finance; and helpful information to know before you donate.

Part of the Conversation Series: The Active Citizenship Series

China and the Risk to our Daily Lives

How much U.S. farmland does China own, and what are the implications? How is China attempting to influence U.S. Politics? Is TikTok a concern? This Brief breaks down the influence of China in the United States and in your life and the larger implications of the U.S.-China relationship.

Part of the Conversation Series: The World View Series

Civic Engagement

What is civic engagement? Why is it important and how can you become more involved in your community? In this brief, we seek to provide a deeper understanding of the importance of Americans’ participation in civic life. We’ll also explain how The Policy Circle helps to build social capital, a crucial element of society strongly related to civic duty, and how you can become a more engaged citizen.

Part of the Conversation Series: The Active Citizenship Series The Foundational Series

Creating Career Pathways

The idea of work has long been ingrained in American culture, but the nature of work has been changing over time. This brief will look at the current state of workforce readiness in the U.S. and what can be done so all Americans are prepared to experience earned success as part of their pursuit of happiness.

Part of the Conversation Series: The Business Series

Crime and Safety in America

Crime weighs heavily on the minds of many Americans, with 61% of registered voters ranking crime in 2022 as "very important" when weighing political decisions. With recent reports of increased violence, what are the factors leading to this spike, and what are the challenges in national data collection efforts? What is the role of the criminal justice system? This Policy Circle Brief will explore this complex topic - how do we measure crime and define safety? How do crime waves impact communities, families, and businesses? What is the role of government, and, importantly, what can we do as citizens to build safer communities?

Data Privacy and Cybersecurity

The way processing systems function means personal data online is part of regular life, as are the dangers that come with it. What exactly are the dangers of unprotected data? What are the roles of citizens, businesses, and the government when it comes to technology and data? How can these stakeholders work together to promote safe cybersecurity practices and frameworks that protect data without infringing on individual rights and freedoms?

Part of the Conversation Series: The World View Series