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The Policy Circle provides pathways for women to become courageous, knowledgeable, and active citizens. Thanks to the support of donors, collaborators, and members, The Policy Circle has deployed new and innovative virtual programs to broaden its reach and impact. See what else we accomplished last year – view our Annual and Impact Reports below. 

The Policy Circle’s uniquely effective model: 

  • Fosters genuine connection and community amongst established and aspiring leaders around the country; 
  • Demonstrates the power of fact-based, constructive conversations to identify and better understand issues and the impact of public policy;
  • Provides clear, actionable steps that women can take to own solutions in their communities that are rooted in personal responsibility and innovation; and
  • Equips and amplifies principled leadership in the public square



Stories of Impact from our Community

Colleen, Indiana Circle Leader and State Leadership Council Co-Chair

Colleen regularly engages with millennial women, encouraging them to step up the plate when it comes to shaping the future of local and state politics and public policy. An Indiana Circle Leader and member of the 2020-2021 Richard G. Lugar Excellence in Public Service Series, Colleen was a featured speaker during The Policy Circle’s Election Series on Poll Workers.“I felt like I was giving my community an act of love and an act of service,” Colleen shared of her poll worker service. 

Hear more about Colleen’s civic action.

LaKeshia, Illinois Circle member and CLER Inaugural Class Member

The first obligation of a citizen is to be civically engaged,” says LaKeshia. Inspired by her father, a local precinct captain on the southside of Chicago, she sought out opportunities for women to help shape policy. In The Policy Circle, she found a network of supportive women that seeded new connections and a pathway for a deepened civic knowledge and the confidence to engage.

Hear more of LaKeshia’s inspiring story of impact.

Lauren, Indiana Circle Leader and State Leadership Council Co-Chair

Lauren serves on the leadership team of two Indianapolis nonprofits and is a New America fellow. As an educator, researcher, and non-profit leader, Lauren works to ensure that all youth and families have what they need to thrive. She is passionate about collectively working towards policy and systems change that includes the voices of individuals from low-income backgrounds and communities of color. 

Read more about Lauren’s Circle experience.

Lindsay, an Indiana Circle Leader and CLER graduate

Lindsay is passionate about making a difference in her community and uses her unique life experiences and grit to make an impact. With aspirations of running for office one day, she was inspired to apply for The Policy Circle’s Civic Leadership Engagement Roadmap (CLER) program: “The depth of material provided through the CLER program strengthened my political knowledge base more than I could’ve imagined. As one who desires to run for political office someday, this program built confidence, knowledge and connections that will last a lifetime.”

Hear more about Lindsay’s CLER experience.

Morgan, Indiana Circle Leader

Morgan leads with a strategic mindset. No stranger to civic engagement, she has spent the last 15 years honing her skills by building relationships in the Indiana Legislature and in her community as the district chair for her local party. After actively participating as a Circle Leader for the last 5 years, Morgan found a new passion to challenge her: running for her County School Board. Aided by a better understanding of the policies impacting her son’s education, Morgan’s story is the perfect example of how The Policy Circle helps women identify opportunities to step up and lead.

Vasavi, Illinois Circle Leader and CLER Graduate

Inspired by her grandfather’s political activism in India, Vasavi, an Illinois Circle Leader and CLER Graduate, understands the importance of bringing people from different backgrounds and opinions together. Her focus on building coalitions is key in her efforts to bring women from the Indian community into policy discussions on a local level. A leader on her school board, Vasavi decided to run for City Council after her experience with The Policy Circle made her feel more educated and confident to “be the change and make the change.”


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The Policy Circle Community

The Policy Circle is a starting point for people who feel on the sidelines or boxed in and want to have an impact. Our platform is a meeting place for women to take ownership of creating solutions in their communities. We provide the resources, pathways and a supportive community that help guide women to become active citizens who are knowledgeable about the impact of public policy. 


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