The Policy Circle Core Principles

Welcome to The Policy Circle, it is our intention to build a safe forum for enriching and thoughtful conversations. We agree to adhere to the following principles:

An open economy works: We believe the core idea that practices and policies that foster creativity and responsibility provide greater opportunities and better lives, especially for the most vulnerable.

Social issues are not discussed: Public policy discussions of certain social issues can be divisive and distracting, so we agree to a “truce” on those issues while we focus on key issues affecting our communities, businesses, institutions.

Fact-based dialogue: We learn through reliable data driven research from well-known and respected sources.

Learn from each other: There is value in having face to face discussions in a safe forum that empowers women to share ideas, find their voice, learn from each other and get engaged.

We are all agents of change: We seek to increase the number and power of women who support these ideas. Talk about The Policy Circle!

Privacy of Contact Information: Circle members do not use the contact information of other members for business or fundraising purposes.

What is said in a circle stays in a circle: Circle discussions are “Off the Record” meaning that what is said in a Circle is not intended to be attributed publicly to the person speaking publicly or recorded. If however, a person writes on the website, in a blog, in social media or speaks at a gathering or public forum, she cannot expect that those statements will be maintained as “off the record.”

The Policy Circle is a 501(c)(3) organization, which provides a framework and platform to foster productive conversations regarding the economic  impact of public policy.  Policy Circle members are encouraged to share events and leadership activities that build understanding, foster civil discourse and promote creative, free-market solutions. The Policy Circle does not engage in lobbying, advocacy or political activity.  We respect our members’ opinions and affirm everyone’s right to lobby or engage in political activity in their individual capacity.  However Circle Leaders and Members are not permitted to lobby or engage in political activity on behalf of, or using the The Policy Circle platform, resources or brand.