About Us

Founded in 2015, The Policy Circle is a non-partisan, grassroots organization that provides a framework to boost civil discourse and civic engagement. Our proven platform builds leaders who seek solutions for their communities through policies that foster creativity and personal responsibility. Our virtual, live and grassroots initiatives are built around original, thoughtfully curated Policy Circle Briefs that frame the issues, provide historical context, explore avenues for reform and encourage local engagement.

The Policy Circle’s roundtable discussions empower women to become more vocal in public policy dialogue and civic engagement within their community, their state and their country.

The nexus of the meeting is The Policy Circle Brief that provides the basis for a fact-based discussion about the most pressing issues affecting families and local communities today. The format frames the issues with facts, provides historical background, challenges the role of government, features successful private enterprises, and provides suggestions on how to engage locally on the issue.

At the heart of The Policy Circle, our philosophy drives the work we do. In addition, we operate by the following core values:

We are Positive & Opportunity-Focused: We see challenges as opportunities and approach them with openness and positivity.

We Take Ownership: Leaders own their work.We encourage bold decisions, big-picture thinking and clear communication.

We are Passionate about The Policy Circle mission: The Policy Circle informs, equips, and connects women to be more impactful citizens.

We exercise Empathy for People & Respect for Ideas: We seek to understand where people we interact with are coming from, and we seek a deeper understanding of ideas and issues.

We Strive for Excellence: We strive for excellence by creating outstanding products, and reliable, responsive service that delivers value.

So what is a Policy Circle and how does it work?  What is a Circle discussion like?  What do you talk about? Watch this video to find out how leaders are circling up across the country.