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Free Access Comes With A Price Tag

By The Policy Circle Team

The best things in life aren’t free.  Consumers today are used to free accounts and free trials.  We can pre-fill our contact information with a single keystroke.  What people don’t often realize is that free access can come with a price tag.   

Google and Facebook among others have recently come under fire for their business models and the potential negative impact of their policies on communities from privacy breaches to  election influence . “In fact, most of the ills traced to these companies are a direct consequence of their “free” business models, which compel them to suck up our personal data and prioritize user growth over the health and privacy of individuals and society, all so they can sell more advertisements.”  (WSJ). This leaves consumers wondering how safe is life in a connected world?

Unlike the networking platforms utilized by social media giants,  The Policy Circle online platform is member-supported. Contributions from members, leaders, and donors  sustain our investment in technology and the curation of research from reputable sources  that is the backbone of our model: the briefs.  And at our core is face-to-face interactions where people can share ideas,  discuss facts, and interact without ad banners, unidentified or unverified sources, or information collected by algorithms.

When each member joins our online community, they agree to a set of core principles and terms of usage.  Member data is never sold or shared.  Providing a private social networking platform that is grounded in face-to-face discussion is one of our key differentiators.   Our platform enables women to strengthen their voice by sounding it in a private, supportive community. Voices grow by sharing opinions based in facts and from understanding the context and history of key issues impacting our communities, businesses, and families.  

Now is the time to add more voices to our community.  On November 15, over 350 women will gather at this year’s Summit to broaden their understanding of this very issue:  Living and Leading in A Connected World. Know someone who might be interested? Invite her to join you at the Summit or recommend us to her today. Circles are spreading across the US.