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A Visit to Dallas

By The Policy Circle Team

The Policy Circle team was recently in Dallas, spreading the organization’s message and vision with over 60 women in the area. As a result, new circle leaders expanded their comfort zones, took a leadership role and started their own Policy Circles!

Left to right: Nicole Cline, The Policy Circle; Missy Shorey, Dallas GOP Chair; Angela Braly, The Policy Circle Co-founder; Lindi Harvey, new Policy Circle Leader; Kathy Hubbard, The Policy Circle Co-founder

A range of women participated, some of whom were already influencers and some who were looking for that next step in their leadership journey. What we discovered was a network of enthusiastic women who, regardless of how engaged they were, found a deep appreciation for the Policy Circle’s thoughtful discussion model. These included supporters of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, the Dallas Women’s Foundation and 4Word Women.

Why Texas?

The energetic women of Dallas welcomed a new way of engaging in public policy.  When circles begin to sprout in a state, such as Texas, it’s an opportunity to grow the movement and bring Policy Circle leaders and members together. The best way to ensure members can collaborate with one another is to establish 20 Policy Circles in a state. With 20 circles a network begins to form, and opportunities to engage and influence at the state level arise.

Imagine being connected with curious, analytical and rational women throughout your state to discuss policy and grow professionally.  The Policy Circle is an easy way to hone your leadership skills by practicing discussing policies that impact your family, your business operations, your team, your customers.

Do you know any women in Texas who would value starting their own Policy Circle? Make an easy introduction so she can connect with a network of like-minded women!

It’s a movement!

Recommend a Circle Leader.  Especially in California,  Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Michigan, Texas, Kansas and Arizona where circles are sprouting.

Start a Circle in your community. Your community may be your profession or your neighborhood, or both. Grow professionally, The Policy Circle is a simple way to practice the language of leaders with the facts and the space to be at ease with weighing in on the impact of policy.   

Invest in The Policy Circle. Together let’s build a network of women who want to  be part of the dialogue on the impact of policy in their lives.

The Policy Circle is a 501(c)3 that provides a fact-based, nonpartisan framework built to inspire women living in the same community to connect, learn about and discuss economic policies that impact their lives.  Women across the nation are taking a leadership role in the public policy dialogue on what human creativity can accomplish in an open economy.