What Members Say

“Our group really enjoys all the research materials that are available to us on the Policy Circle website, especially the briefs that we have used for our meeting discussions. The briefs we have used so far have been a fantastic combination of factual and thought provoking materials. I’m discovering opinions that I didn’t even know I had.”

Mary C. – Texas


“The Policy Circle has given me the opportunity to influence the women around me, drawing them to a higher sense of themselves through their own brilliance and willingness to learn.”

Judi W. – Illinois


I knew that I would enjoy learning from other women, but I have been surprised by how quickly and broadly my world has expanded because of my introduction to these women through Policy Circle meetings.  It feels like I am part of something very important , perhaps transformational–with the potential to have a great impact on communities, particularly as more and more women find their hearts, minds, and voices emboldened by the ideas and experiences of others.

Deborah P. – Indiana

“Being a part of the Policy Circle has both fun and enlightening! I love gathering with my girlfriends and learning actual substance and facts regarding real issues.”

Sally R. –  Texas


“I am so pleased to have discovered The Policy Circle. It provides me access to the information I need to more fully understand today’s complex issues and plugs me into a meaningful dialogue. I love the fact-based conversations in contrast to the simplistic sound bites and political drama so prevalent in other arenas. Most importantly, being a part of this organization has truly renewed my desire to engage with others in pursuit of solutions.”

Tracey B. – Illinois

“I want to say thank you for creating a platform where we can learn, feel a little more empowered and confident, reach out to others who want to share their voice, discuss sensitive topics without fear while staying fact based and spend purpose-filled time with friends (and people who will become friends)!!!!”

Stacy S. – Texas


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