Why It Matters

Our member community offers you an opportunity to belong to and connect with a community of women interested in learning about and engaging in policy.

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You are not alone if you share the belief that free market practices and policies create greater opportunities, provide more choices and help develop fulfilling and rewarding lives for everyone, especially the most vulnerable in our community.

The Policy Circle is a non partisan 501(c)(3), cultural organization that seeks to build a grassroots network of “circles” for women to meet, learn, and share ideas around these core principles.

Ok. How does it work?

By coming together in Circles to discuss fact-based research, women learn from each other and gain the confidence to articulate their views on a wide range of issues. A Circle can be easily started by two to three  women, who then each invite two to three women to participate. You will be surprised by who comes and who wants to engage on issues.

The Policy Circle provides a framework of meeting timing and discussion topics, related Policy Briefs and guidance for how to hold conversations. Partnerships with state-based think tanks provide relevant state-specific content.  Circles are provided a framework and platform that enable each member to engage with her Circle about the concerns in her community, her state and the nation.

What is it like to be part of a Circle

What about social issues? Those can be so divisive.

All members agree to adhere to the Policy Circle Core Principles. On social issues, we think the former Governor of Indiana, Mitch Daniels, has the right idea.

“I submit the suggestion temporarily to set aside our social issues only as a matter of prioritization in the face of what I believe to be a genuine emergency, and in the cause of assembling the extraordinarily broad coalition that will be needed to do “the impossible.” If America goes broke, suffering will come to gays and straights, men and women, pro-life and pro-choice advocates, and to people of all races.”
Source: Keeping the Republic, by Mitch Daniels, p.175 & 178


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Do you believe that the men and women we elect should spend our tax dollars responsibly, limit regulation and allow people with great ideas to innovate, start businesses, create jobs, and improve the lives of everyone?

Do you believe free market practices and policies create greater opportunities, provide more choices and help develop fulfilling and rewarding lives for everyone, especially the most vulnerable in our community?

Yes! Now what? I want to do something.

Get the facts and get engaged. Guided by Policy Briefs summarizing the work of top researchers, Circle members emerge more knowledgeable about a wide ranges of issues.  As a result, our members gain the confidence to become influencers in their communities and find their voices.  They ask thoughtful questions.  They start the conversations.  They change the conversation.

The Policy Circle is a member supported, 501(C)(3) organization that provides the facts and framework to learn and get involved.  Our member-only website platform allows Circle members to share articles, post events and discuss the issues.  Through partnerships with top think tanks, Circle members learn how policy is made and, importantly, how to have an influence in their community, state and nation.

All members agree that grassroots and direct lobbying is done in the member’s individual capacity.  Each member is responsible for their own engagement and agrees to our core principles

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The Policy Circle is a non partisan 501(c)(3), cultural organization that seeks to build a grassroots network of “circles” for women to meet and learn from each other by coming prepared to participate in a roundtable discussion on key public policy issues.  Believing that limited government and a thriving entrepreneurial economy create the best opportunities for everyone, we are starting conversations to change the conversation.

Learn from each other? Tell me more.

Policy Circle members meet in small group Circles for conversation about public policy and how it affects their communities, their states and the nation.   Using the Socratic method in roundtable discussions, Policy Circle members learn from one another by discussing fact-based Policy Briefs about a wide range of issues.

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Comprehensive Policy Briefs around the issues of Economic Growth, Taxes, Healthcare, Education, Higher Education, Fiscal Responsibility have been developed and more are on the way.  (We agree to a truce on social issues that can be divisive and distracting.)  Partnerships with respected think tanks provide state-level facts about the issues and the state-wide effects of federal mandates.  Policy Circle members have access to all of the Policy Briefs and the ability to actively engage with other members in their Circle, their state and across the country via our private website.

Policy Circles tend to meet the second week of every other month except July (e.g., the second Tuesdays of January, March, May, September and November) and follow a suggested list of discussion topics with corresponding Policy Briefs.  This timing is coordinated across Circles, making it easier for members to plan their attendance ahead of time and to enable new content and special events to be launched in a timely manner (for example a Skype session with leading policy makers).  If your community is faced with a critical issue, your circle can certainly choose to discuss that topic at your Circle meeting in place of or in addition to the planned topic.

Our “Year of Conversation” list includes months and meeting topics with corresponding briefs which can be discussed with a state or national focus:

  • January: The US and the World – Foreign Policy and Immigration
  • March: Ins and Outs of Economics – Economic Growth, Taxation, Fiscal Responsibility, Regulations & Fees.
  • May: Barriers to Opportunity – K12 Education, Higher Education, War on Poverty, (future briefs under development Criminal Justice Reform, Social Security etc).
  • June – August: Summer reading about Liberty.
  • September: What makes the US exceptional? – Free-enterprise, Rule of Law, Liberty.
  • November: Healthcare

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Here are the key features of our member site:
  • Easily start and grow your circle
  • Schedule meetings and create events right from your Circle’s home page
  • Share articles and start conversations locally, regionally or across the country
  • Post a commentaries and articles
  • Decide who should view your posts and events (e.g. a park district issue might be relevant only to your local Circle, a state pension crisis might be of interest to all Circles in your state, and a national conference you are organizing might be open to all)
  • Join other Circles and follow issues you are passionate about
  • Email all of your Circle members
  • View and print Policy Briefs and corresponding discussion guides
  • A weekly digest, The Conversation, keeps you up-to-date
Take a peek at our member site:

The Policy Circle provides tips on how to get engaged on social media so your voice is heard. Our partnership with nationwide and state-based think tanks will provide you with exclusive opportunities to connect with amazing women and really learn about the issues.