Why It Matters

Though women make up 51 percent of voters, they comprise a significantly smaller portion of U.S. elected offices. Out of the 11,000 people who have served in Congress, only 358, less than one half of one percent, are women.

Five states have never sent a woman to represent them in the U.S. House, and 21 states have never been represented by a female in the Senate, according to the Center for Women in Politics. In 23 states, no woman has ever been elected governor. In 7 states, women comprise less than 20% of the legislature. Women make up 29% of the state legislatures with 1,453 Democrats, and 671 Republicans.

Most women’s organizations focus on specific issues or how to run a campaign. Few of these groups meet women where they live and work, providing a forum for them to connect with others in their communities.

The Policy Circle was created because women want to become more informed and involved in public policy, but are not sure where to start.  These women are intelligent and concerned but are currently sitting on the sidelines because they lack an easy way to engage in policy dialogue with others. The Policy Circle is leading the charge across the country to empower women to play a greater role in their communities and ultimately in our national dialogue.

The Policy Circle has grown to more than 3,500 members, in 340 Circles, across 42 states.

The Policy Circle is a non-partisan, grassroots organization that provides a framework to boost civil discourse and civic engagement. Our proven platform builds leaders who seek solutions for their communities through policies that foster creativity and personal responsibility. Our virtual, live and grassroots initiatives are built around original, thoughtfully curated Policy Circle Briefs that frame the issues, provide historical context, explore avenues for reform and encourage local engagement.

“What makes The Policy Circle unique is the fact that we bring our own experience as practitioners and apply lessons in real time. This group has been a way to strengthen our approach to public sector challenges through gaining perspectives from multiple angles, and it has provided new and deepened friendships through our shared passion for this work.” – Rebecca, Women of Circle City Co-Founder

The Policy Circle recently launched the Civic Leadership Engagement Roadmap (CLER). Through CLER’s experiential curriculum, participants take specific actions that fundamentally change policy conversations and outcomes. Ultimately, The Policy Circle’s mission is to ensure more women hold leadership roles in their communities and in public office.