The Policy Circle informs, equips, and connects women to be more impactful citizens.

Members Choose Their Path of Engagement with The Policy Circle:

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The Policy Circle is a national 501(c)(3) organization that offers a variety of programs to provide women the tools to become more impactful leaders and discover innovative solutions to challenges in their communities.

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Civic Leadership Engagement Roadmap

The Civic Leadership Engagement Roadmap (CLER) is a proprietary, experiential, three-month, self-paced leadership program that takes you from having general civic knowledge to becoming a civic leader.

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Empowering women through meaningful conversation is a pillar of all The Policy Circle meetings. Supported by in-depth policy briefs, Circle members learn, connect and strengthen their voices on some of the biggest challenges we face. Hear from Circle Leaders and Connectors from across the country who shared their experiences and insight into how these discussions lead to meaningful conversations and actions.

What do members say?

“I want to say thank you for creating a platform where we can learn, feel more empowered and confident, reach out to others who want to share their voice, discuss sensitive topics without fear while staying fact based and spend purpose-filled time with friends (and people who will become friends).”

 – Stacy S., Texas

“Finally a venue that allows me to discuss my concerns among other women who also seek solutions to our most profound state and federal issues.”

– Barb G., Illinois

Bring the Policy Circle to your Community

It’s easy to do. Find a friend and start by gathering a few women in your neighborhood or network who share your desire to learn, grow and want to make a positive impact on your community. We provide the facts and framework for you and your Circle to have an open dialogue about policies that foster creativity in a free-market economy.

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