Engage and change the conversation

Do you believe that the men and women we elect should spend our tax dollars responsibly, limit regulation and allow people with great ideas to innovate, start businesses, create jobs, and improve the lives of everyone?

Do you believe free market practices and policies create greater opportunities, provide more choices and help develop fulfilling and rewarding lives for everyone, especially the most vulnerable in our community?

Yes! Now what? I want to do something.

Get the facts and get engaged. Guided by Policy Briefs summarizing the work of top researchers, Circle members emerge more knowledgeable about a wide ranges of issues.  As a result, our members gain the confidence to become influencers in their communities and find their voice.  They ask the thoughtful questions.  They start the conversations.  They change the conversation.

The Policy Circle is a member supported, 501(C)(3) organization that provides the facts and framework to learn and get involved.  Our member only platform allows Circle members to share articles, post events and discuss the issues.  Through partnerships with top think tanks, Circle members learn how policy is made and, importantly, how to have an influence in their community, state and nation.

All members agree that grassroots and direct lobbying is done in the member’s individual capacity.  Each member is responsible for their own engagement and agrees to our core principles