CircleUp America: Responding To Refugee Crises

  • Do you want to be more informed on critical issues? 
  • Would you like to engage in constructive, solutions-oriented conversations? 
  • Do you feel like all citizens need to better understand the role of government and, more importantly, how we can each take positive action in our own community?

If your answer is yes – please join us for CircleUp America on June 1, 2022.  

CircleUp America is The Policy Circle’s new community conversation event series designed to engage members in dialogue across the country on newly released Policy Circle Briefs.

It’s an easy way to convene women in your network or neighborhood or simply join a national or virtual roundtable conversation.

Members across the country can participate by hosting their own in-person Policy Circle conversations using a new brief or by joining a virtual conversation hosted by The Policy Circle Team.

On Wednesday, June 1, we will explore a topic that weighs heavy on our hearts and minds: the many refugee crises taking place across the world that have resulted in the largest refugee population since WWII.

Join us to better understand U.S. refugee law and policy, gain insight into how refugees rebuild their lives in the U.S., and most importantly learn what you can do to help refugees thrive in your community.

Prepare by reading the new Responding to Refugee Crises Policy Brief (takes about 30 minutes) and then, choose your next step:
1) Join a virtual Policy Circle Conversation on June 1st at a time that works best for you:
  • 12:00 PM (CT) Register here
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2) Host an in-person Policy Circle Conversation on or around June 1st:
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  • FYI: If you’re hosting an in-person Policy Circle Conversation, you are not required to use the Antitrust Policy Circle Brief.
    You are free to select any Policy Circle Brief you like.
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To get a head start, watch our Move the Needle Virtual Experience: Responding to Refugee Crises featuring diverse voices and powerful insights from leading experts to learn about the  ongoing refugee humanitarian crises around the globe, the process of refugee resettlement in the United States, and ways you can help refugees.

We cannot wait to CircleUp with you on June 1!