Join The Policy Circle For A Reception During The United Nations General Assembly

The Policy Circle along with Concordia invites you to join us in New York City on Tuesday, September 24th for an evening reception at a private residence during the U.N. General Assembly. This event will honor the passage of The BUILD Act and is open to supporters at the Innovators’ Level.

Women Business Leaders Value Policy Conversations

By The Policy Circle Team

We need to introduce more women entrepreneurs to the all-important educational platform The Policy Circle created. It enables us to have conversations about, and become more knowledgeable on, public policy issues which may impact our businesses.”   Lorilee Cummings, Board member, Kirkwood Des Peres Area Chamber of Commerce of Greater St. Louis.

Lorilee was so interested in bringing The Policy Circle model to her members that she invited Nicole Cline, Director of Circle Expansion and External Relations for The Policy Circle, to present to their women’s business leaders’ entrepreneurial group. Among the business women in attendance was Peg Weathers, the new president of the chamber. Peg has been talking directly with local area business owners to uncover how the chamber could best serve them. Peg and her team identified four key areas of concern including: Development, Advocacy, Resources and Education. Chamber members were enthusiastic about the alignment between The Policy Circle’s roundtable discussion model using fact-based briefs and the chamber’s need to become more educated on policy issues. The Women’s Business Leaders Entrepreneurial Group views The Policy Circle as an effective way to develop strategic thinking and confidence to engage with local representatives.  Women were energized by the recent community forum organized by St. Louis Policy Circle women which was reported on in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.  The Circles included the Clayton MO Circle, the Libertas Circle, Rise and Shine Women, St. Louis Women for Change and Tracey’s St. Louis Circle.

Following the presentation Peg noted, “There is a real appetite among women in the St. Louis region to learn more about public policy issues, impacting business health and growth, which is presented in a nonpartisan manner.  Women entrepreneurs are very interested in economic issues and policies impacting their bottom-line, including the Policy Briefs on tax policy, economic growth and healthcare.” Nicole observed, “the women came prepared to discuss the Free Enterprise Brief and were very engaged in their conversations. They left the meeting encouraged and ready to start their own Circles to continue these all too important dialogues”.

(Pictured: Peg Weathers, new president of the Kirkwood Des Peres Area Chamber of Commerce and Nicole Cline, Director of External Relations and Expansion, for The Policy Circle.)

In her role as Director of External Relations and Expansion for The Policy Circle, Nicole’s passion is working closely with women’s organizations to share how starting Circles helps expand their knowledge and confidence to engage on complex issues.   If your organization is interested in learning more about The Policy Circle, please contact Nicole directly at



The Policy Circle is a 501(c)3 which provides a fact-based, nonpartisan framework built to inspire women living in the same community to connect, learn about and discuss economic policies that impact their lives.  Women across the nation are taking a leadership role in the public policy dialogue on what human creativity can accomplish in an open economy.