Who We Are

Founded in 2015, The Policy Circle is a cultural, educational, non-political organization that provides a fact-based, nonpartisan framework that inspires women to connect, learn about and discuss public policies that impact their lives. This grassroots movement is fueled by our local leaders who gather women in small groups to facilitate productive and welcoming conversations.

The Policy Circle’s roundtable discussions empower women to become more vocal in public policy dialogue and civic engagement within their community, their state and their country.

The nexus of the meeting is The Policy Circle Brief that provides the basis for a fact-based discussion about the most pressing issues affecting families and local communities today. The format frames the issues with facts, provides historical background, challenges the role of government, features successful private enterprises, and provides suggestions on how to engage locally on the issue.

At the heart of The Policy Circle operations are the following core values:

We believe humans flourish in a free society and entrepreneurial economy.

We are a welcoming world-class organization.

We inspire civic engagement with truth and details.

We are purposeful in our actions to connect and convene with people and organizations.

We lead by stepping out of the box.