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Jun 15, 2018

What are you reading this summer?

Whether you are commuting to work, headed to the beach or taking a trans-Atlantic plane ride, check out the newly revised Policy Circle Reading List .   You’ll find titles recommended for your summer reading as well as a comprehensive list of suggested reads to complement the Policy Briefs available in our Policy Circle Library .  Some are in-depth reads, some are […]

Jun 2, 2018

Education: Are we preparing today’s students to be tomorrow’s workers?

Education is the pathway to a productive life.   All people need basic literacy, math skills, and knowledge of the world around them to function in today’s society and be informed citizens.  But despite increased spending, our educational outcomes as a nation are stagnant. How well is the US  educational system preparing young people for successful […]

Policy Circle Leadership Summit

May 18, 2018

You’re Invited: The 2018 Circle Leadership Summit

The Policy Circle is pleased to announce that this year’s Circle Leadership Summit will take place September 6th – 7th in Chicago! Join us for  a pre-summit reception and Circle Leader Training on Thursday, September 6th at the American Airlines Conference Center at Wrigley Field and then on Friday, September 7th in downtown Chicago at […]

how to find out who your candidates are

May 18, 2018

Dear Kristin, How do I Find my Candidates?

Dear Kristin, I keep hearing that this year is an important election year. The word “midterms” is bounced around on TV and in the news constantly. I think there are also local elections happening in my state! With all this information out there, how do I find out who candidates are? As George Washington told […]

May 5, 2018

An Interview With Policy Circle Co-Founder Sylvie Légère

The Policy Circle’s Co-founder, Sylvie Légère, sat down with Laura Cox Kaplan of the She Said / She Said podcast to talk about how The Policy Circle is engaging women across the nation in a conversation about public policy. The She Said / She Said podcast was dreamt up at the 2017 Policy Circle Summit in Chicago where Laura moderated a panel called “Using […]