NEW POLICY BRIEF: Education Innovation – The Future of the Classroom

Classrooms in the U.S. are rapidly evolving with new teaching methods and technology to improve learning and make education more personalized and accessible. What are the latest innovative practices in education and are our policies and practices supporting them?

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Aug 31, 2021

Jennifer’s Journey to Civic Leadership

Jennifer Berman, CLER participant For Jennifer Berman, giving back and helping people is her passion. After a successful career in pharmaceutical sales, following her passion and purpose to help others, Jennifer took a new role raising funds for nonprofit organizations in her local community. Jennifer has dedicated herself to civic engagement by enrolling in our […]

Jul 28, 2021

Amy Jo Clark Makes Civic Engagement a Priority

Meet Amy Jo As a communications professional with over 20 years of experience, Amy Jo Clark’s background is diverse and spans several genres – including political, government, technical, medical, and broadcasting. She co-created and manages a successful media company, COTR LLC, since 2009, co-hosted a daily radio show, runs a podcast, and was an Adjunct […]

Jul 14, 2021

Meet the Michigan State Leadership Council

To deepen the engagement of Policy Circles in the states and continue expansion, The Policy Circle created the  State Leadership Council (SLC)  program in 2018. SLC’s expand The Policy Circle’s mission by recruiting more Circle members and leaders in their state, welcome new Circle leaders, and provide engagement opportunities for members . We are grateful for the amazing women who serve […]

Jun 29, 2021

Meet the CLER Summer Cohort

The Civic Leadership Engagement Roadmap (CLER) is a proprietary, experiential leadership program that takes women from having general civic knowledge to becoming civic leaders. We work with emerging women leaders to grow their impact through civic engagement. This innovative, action-oriented curriculum was designed to educate, prepare and build the next generation of public leaders. The curriculum facilitates an understanding of the […]

May 24, 2021

Upon Reflection: Journalism’s real ‘fake news’ also reflects its accountability

This is a guest post from our partners at the News Literacy Project written by the Founder and CEO, Alan C. Miller, and does not reflect The Policy Circle’s views. On Sept. 28, 1980, during the height of the drug epidemic in the nation’s capital, The Washington Post published a heart-rending profile of “Jimmy,” an 8-year-old heroin addict. It caused a […]