State Leadership Councils

To deepen the engagement of Policy Circles in the states and continue expansion, The Policy Circle created the State Leadership Council (SLC) program in 2018. 

Who participates in the State Leadership? What do they do?

State Leadership Councils consist of volunteer state-wide co-chairs and committee members who expand the organization’s mission by:

  • Growing more Circles in the state
  • Welcome new Circle Leaders
  • Providing engagement opportunities for Circle Leaders and members

Council members are also Policy Circle Leaders, with each SLC collaborating closely with The Policy Circle staff. Co-chairs gain valuable leadership skills and grow their own network as they bring community members together with Policy Circle leaders.

Where are State Leadership Councils Active?

In 2019, the Indiana Leadership Council added seven new Circles and hosted five policy and member engagement opportunities, including a January 2020 event in honor of the state’s fight for women’s suffrage. 

Statewide Co-Chairs:

  • Katie Glick
  • Lacey Willard

Engagement and Expansion Committee Chairs:

  • Lauren Hall
  • Jamee Lock
  • Clare Morrison
  • Amanda Muldoon
  • Morgan Perrill
  • Colleen Whiting

The Illinois Leadership Council was launched in the summer of 2019. Since then, they’ve added many new Circles and supported Illinois member engagement opportunities.

Statewide Co-Chairs:

  • Janet Burt
  • Lisa Carter
  • Beth Feeley
  • Nancy Mathieson

Engagement and Expansion Committee Chairs:

  • Jillian Bernas
  • Glory Borgeson
  • Vasavi Chakka
  • Sandee Geringer
  • Stefanie Hood
  • Mindy Ruckman
  • Darlene Senger

The Wisconsin Leadership Council was launched in September 2020 with a virtual program, Courage Over Comfort, with local elected officials. We welcome our newest SLC and look forward to their work supporting the mission of The Policy Circle.

Statewide Co-Chairs:

  • Colleen Coyle
  • Ola Lisowski
  • Leah Vukmir

Engagement and Expansion Committee Chairs:

  • Christine Czernejewski
  • Julie Grace
  • Robin Moore

The Texas Leadership Council was launched in 2020 after an impressive launch in February 2020.

Statewide Chair:

Stacy Smith

Engagement and Expansion Committee Chairs:

  • Ellen Troxclair
  • Meg Tuszynski
  • Tracy Young

Cheers to Our SLC Leaders!

In September, we celebrated The Policy Circle’s State Leadership Councils by raising a glass (virtually) to honor the amazing women who serve and officially launched the Texas and Wisconsin Councils.

How Do I Become Involved?

If you’d like more information about State Leadership Councils, please contact

SLC Resources:


Read the SLC Handbook