PRAGER: Celebrating USA’s Independence with a “4th of July Seder”

Do you wish you could celebrate Independence Day in a new, fun way? Want something more than a BBQ or parade? Read on for a unique way to commemorate Independence Day this year!

Thanks to another Policy Circle member, I was introduced to author and scholar Dennis Prager and his “Prager University” years ago. While it’s not an actual accredited university, “Prager U” is an excellent online educational resource that offers fantastic videos explaining the concepts that have made America great.

A few years ago, we decided to celebrate Independence Day as a family using Prager’s unique ceremony which is modeled after a traditional Jewish seder. Bascially, a Jewish seder is a ceremony that uses symbolic foods to retell the Israelites’ Exodus from slavery in Egypt to freedom. Click here to see how Dennis hosted his own “Independence Day Seder” (he also calls it a “4th of July Declaration”) to retell the USA’s freedom from King George’s tyrannical rule.

In addition to all the parades, BBQs and concerts, this “4th of July Seder” made a big impression on our family about the significance of our national holiday.

This year, I am hosting with a friend and we are inviting neighbors and other friends to join our families. Prager designed the ceremony for Americans to use at their celebrations and encourage others to do so as well. Click here to download a PDF of the script and materials needed to host your own “4th of July Seder.”

Happy Independence Day!