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Join us in Chicago on November 14th and 15th.

Looking Ahead: The Plan for 2019

By Sylvie Legere

So what‘s the plan for The Policy Circle 2019?

“Leading and Living in A Connected Community” – 2019 Policy Circle Summit on November 15 in Chicago.  

The theme is Living and Leading in a Connected Community – we will discuss smart cities, connectivity, privacy, and then the Future of Neighborhoods – what will bring us together when storefronts are back offices.  We will also showcase a city leadership accelerator in Austin, and visit privately funded art initiatives that define, beautify and elevate the feeling of belonging of a neighborhood.

Podcast Podcast 

We heard you.  Policy Briefs will be introduced as podcasts in the new year, and we may ask you to participate. Just as we asked Circle Leader Stacy Sullivan to step out of her comfort zone and interview the new White House chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney.  After interviewing Mick, you can really talk to anyone. 

A Leadership Series on 

To be launched in the new year, a series of six videos on leadership that can be discussed in your circles.

Adopt a Policy Shaper Program 

As an individual, or as a circle, let’s interact with opinion leaders and elected officials.  The purpose of policy circle roundtable discussions is to ignite a passion for a policy topic. We launched “post a statement’ feature for circles to recap a conversation, the next step is to engage with a policy shaper on the issue. Who’s a policy shaper? Well that can be you in your organization, in your community championing a new way to look at things like intentionally hiring someone with cognitive disabilities. Policy shapers can be journalists/bloggers, elected officials or their staff, it can mean getting to know your government affairs team at your corporation, or creating your own “government affairs team” with your chamber of commerce or your circle.

New Briefs

There are 4 new briefs in the works to add to our library of 27 multimedia briefs organized into a Year of Conversation:

  • US & The World: Infrastructure that has no frontiers: Digital Roads
  • Creating Opportunities: The Future of Neighborhoods
  • Building Blocks: What is Aging in the 21st Century?
  • Civics & Democracy: The Constitution

Also, lookout for primers to go beyond the headlines and the buzz.

In addition to the policy briefs we will be adding How To Engage guides to our library and primers on current issues.

300 Circles

Let’s add 100 more circles in 2019 and set a record for number of  discussions. It’s a simple 3 steps to launch a circle: ask two other women, pick your 3 meeting dates for the year, and each ask 3 more women.   Here’s what women are doing in Chicago with the new Northside-Southside Circle.  Four women from the Northside and four women from the Southside will come together for a lunch discussion on 4 Fridays in 2019 – 2 Fridays on the Southside, 2 Fridays on the Northside.   The Policy Circle is a vehicle to discuss and engage on the impact of policy on our lives – trust that you can have those discussions with everyone. Help us get to 300. Be a catalyst. Start a southside/northside, east/west circle in your area. Trust the process.

That’s what we have as our big goals. Join us – we all need to start paying attention.

“The purpose of life is finding the largest burden that you can bear and bearing it.” – Jordan Peterson.