Free To Choose Media: Johan Norberg on Poverty

This week, as a follow-up to our recent post on various perspectives on poverty, here’s a brief video (1:32) on income inequality and poverty, from one of our partners, Free to Choose Media.

Below, Free To Choose Media Executive Editor and Cato Institute Senior Fellow Johan Norberg explains the fallacy of “inequality”  and how redistribution of wealth is not a solution to the problem – which is really poverty.

Free To Choose Media is the film production arm of Free To Choose Network, with a rich tradition of award-winning national broadcast production. FTCM seeks to stimulate thought on vital topics, including economics, energy, taxes, law enforcement, U.S. Constitution and human rights offering diverse voices, powerful stories and a fresh perspective on a range of important global and national issues.

Rather than dictating lessons, FTCM tells stories with inquisition and entertainment. Its production teams travel the world to explore hot topics, such as the economic roots of the Arab Spring and the inspiring stories of entrepreneurs raising themselves and their communities out of poverty, as well as revealing how innovation and new technologies may be the answer to the world’s growing energy needs.  Some of the locations our production teams have filmed in include the United States, New Zealand, Sweden, Asia, India, Scotland, Paris, London, and New York.