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Women’s History Month is a Highlight, Not the Full Story

Written by Katie Glick, Indiana Circle Leader and State Leadership Council Chair

As we celebrate Women’s History Month in 2021, I sometimes imagine what future generations will have to say about women in 2021 and 2020. When the world shut down a year ago, we had already begun celebrating the centennial of the passage of the 19th amendment and women’s suffrage efforts. While we did pivot to virtual events and other creative ways to celebrate, it wasn’t the same. I hope we continue to celebrate this moment in our history for years to come – actually forever. And I hope we learn from suffrage women and leaders, the good and bad moments and practices.

While 2020 was the centennial celebration, I always think it’s just a highlight in the never ending story of women’s suffrage and fight for equality and equity. Just like Women’s History Month, it’s a small frame of time that highlights women and the many contributions they have made and continue to make in our world, country and communities.

I’m guessing the women fighting for women’s equality 101 years ago dreamed about how future generations would celebrate, how they would embark on their equality journeys and how they would continue to have the courage to keep fighting. I am sure they wanted us to celebrate and work for equality every day, month and year – not just one highlight in time.

I strive every day not to disappoint people in my life and those who came before me, including the suffragists. Even a century later, we have a lot of work to do for women’s equality and enhancing women’s involvement and engagement in public policy. I’m taking the time to reflect and learn more about women during Women’s History Month of 2021, but it’s only a highlight in my never ending to-do list of ways to educate myself and engage with my world, country and community for a better world for women everywhere. As a member of The Policy Circle, I know you are doing the same just by being a member and engaging in the conversation.

To learn more about the suffrage movement in Indiana and a variety of women, Click Here to read the Indiana Women’s Suffrage Brief, or dive into more resources from The Policy Circle’s EqualiTea celebration last fall. It can also be found under: State Snapshots – Indiana – Deep Dives – Women’s Suffrage in Indiana.

On behalf of the Indiana Leadership Council, enjoy the brief and the women highlighted! And don’t forget to celebrate and engage today and every day as we continue to fill the pages of this story.