Welcoming Circle Members in Cleveland

This month The Policy Circle team headed to Cleveland to spread the organization’s message and vision with more than 35 women in the area. A very big thank you to our hosts Dee Haslam and Amy Brady. Your leadership and partnership in growing the Cleveland Circle community is very much appreciated. I was so impressed with the dynamic and talented women who came together for the evening, and appreciated the dialogue about free enterprise and the opportunity to share thoughts and perspectives with everyone. 

A range of women participated, some of whom were already influencers and some who were looking for that next step in their leadership journey. We talked with women from a variety of backgrounds including healthcare, consulting, finance, non profits, education, federal, state and local government, and small business owners. What we discovered during the evening was a network of enthusiastic women who found a deep appreciation for The Policy Circle’s discussion model. There is a need and a desire for interpersonal communications on these topics – conversations that do not turn personal but instead are grounded in facts. 

This is why groups like ours are so important. The Policy Circle is more than just group discussions on policy. One of the reasons I felt called to found The Policy Circle with Sylvie and Angela, is knowing it would help women build their confidence and develop their leadership skills, in addition to offering women a way to connect with others interested in leading and engaging in policy. By giving women open conversation channels, we empower them to find their own voice and their capacity for thought leadership. When we put what we think into our own words, we own our thoughts in a new, more powerful and confident way. We build what Robert Putnam calls “social capital.” And that social capital is important as more and more women are elected to public office, named CEOs of major corporations and as the level of investable assets women control consistently increases globally. 

Each Circle discussion is a safe place, where all perspectives, principles, and points of view are welcome, always. Everyone has a turn, a voice. The only rule is to show up, for yourself and for us. Together, women from different backgrounds and interests have found a way to grow together as leaders in our industries, communities, and are raising our voices to be heard.

What started as a small group meeting has grown to become a network of more than 3,200 members in 40 states. We know each Policy Circle member has the power to be even more influential in your community and we’re so excited to be a part of your journey – in Cleveland and beyond. 

I hope you’ll join me at the Policy Circle’s Leadership Summit November 15 in Chicago. Registration is open!