The Weekly Good: Small Actions Matter

It’s hard to believe how quickly the coronavirus has changed our lives in just a matter of weeks.  From the healthcare crisis to the closing of so many businesses, sports and entertainment venues and restaurants, the economic standstill can be felt across America and the world.  With all of this uncertainty, what’s risen to the top is the positive news of people supporting friends and neighbors and showcasing innovation in the way they work, the way they are making their business practices safe to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus – protecting themselves, customers and employees.

Below you’ll find a weekly recap of news that inspires and gives us hope, highlighting that small actions and thinking outside the box in the way we respond can have a big impact. 

  • Home-Schooling Veterans Advise Rookies How to Stay Sane.
  • Pivoting Business Models: Around Orlando, families are getting ‘tea-p’d’ with kindness.
  • Instead of Selling Lemonade, Boy Sets Up ‘Drive-By Joke Stand’ to Spread Laughter During Quarantine.
  • Innovative B.C. Boy Scout prints ‘ear gears’ for surgical masks.
  • A scuba diving group is making face masks out of recycled ocean plastic.
  • SheSaidSheSaid Podcast Small Business Series: Hear from women business owners of how they are impacted and adapting during COVID. Laura Hayes Morgan, CEO of an events firm, shares her experience, how she’s pivoted her business strategy to meet the current moment, and how she says you can continue to get the greatest return on your event investment dollars even when events are virtual. 
  • Weddings During a Pandemic: Woman Gets Visit from Granddaughter on Her Wedding Day Through Glass.
  • This is his quest: An actor serenades the front-line workers.
  • SGN Potluck: Some Good News with John Krasinski Ep. 5
SGN Potluck: Some Good News with John Krasinski Ep. 5

Here we go! Episode 5 of Some Good News is so good… You can smell it! Welcome to #SGNcooking !!!

Posted by John Krasinski on Sunday, April 26, 2020

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