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The Policy Circle 2021 Leadership Summit

The Policy Circle team is so grateful for the opportunity we had to connect and engage with the 700 in-person and virtual participants who joined us for The Policy Circle’s 5th Annual Leadership Summit.

We all came together on a mission to sharpen our leadership skills, expand our knowledge surrounding the new Policy Circle Briefs on Power & Water and Energy & The Environment, and amplify our civic voices.

Over the course of two days, we heard from 33 speakers in 23 sessions to unpack various components of the water and energy sectors in order to better understand where our energy and water comes from, how water and power infrastructures function, how these industries are regulated on the federal and local levels, the factors that impact the cost and availability of energy, and the connections between human flourishing and water.

In addition to deepening our policy knowledge, the speakers also talked about their individual leadership journeys and shared their guidance on how to strengthen our leadership skills in order to activate our voices and spark positive action in our communities.

Thanks to the policy experts, legislators, civic leaders, entrepreneurs, and trailblazers who shared their experiences and knowledge, we were able to learn the substantive facts and connect with other civic-minded women over purposeful conversations about the water and energy industries.

On the mainstage, we heard from remarkable speakers who have faced enormous professional and personal challenges and found the strength and courage to lead, innovate, and shape their communities.

During the workshops, we heard from a variety of accomplished women who shared their perspectives and encouraged us to expand our influence through board service, coalition building and by embracing unique opportunities to step into the public arena.

We hope that every Summit participant walked away from the experience feeling supercharged, equipped with inspiration and information, and motivated to take meaningful action as civic leaders in our communities.

“I learned how women can influence any area of the public sector… Amazing women from all walks of life come here to inspire each other and it’s such an intellectual treat.”


Couldn’t Participate In The Summit This Year?

Check out this short video from SmartHER News founder and Summit speaker Jenna Lee to see what you missed.

And don’t worry – we recorded all of the sessions for you!

Watch the Summit sessions on your own schedule and/or with friends.

It’s not too late to dive into Power & Water and Energy & The Environment, host a watch party, or gather with other women in your community to discuss the The Policy Circle Briefs or Summit session.

Be a catalyst for conversation.

“Please see the recordings. Definitely worth your time… Not only did I learn about water and electricity, but I learned a lot about myself.”


Congratulations to Summit Awardees

We recognized 13 exemplary members of The Policy Circle for their ongoing achievements and commitment to civic leadership.

  • Michelle Brauman – Circle Engagement Award
  • Cathy Cranberg – Community Impact Award
  • Emelia Czyszczon – Mary Beth Weiss Catalyst Award
  • Kristi Day – Mary Beth Weiss Catalyst Award
  • Elizabeth Fowler – Community Impact Award
  • Katie Glick – Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Ilana Gordon – Circle Engagement Award
  • Jamee Lock – Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Nancy Mathieson – Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Sylvia Minares – Mary Beth Weiss Catalyst Award
  • Dominique Nielander – Circle Engagement Award
  • Shyan O’Shaugnessy – Circle Engagement Award
  • Jill Schram – Mary Beth Weiss Catalyst Award

Thank You to Our Sponsors

The Policy Circle is grateful for the generosity and support of our 16 sponsors and 17 collaborators, including:

The Policy Circle’s mission is to empower women by providing them with the knowledge and tools they need to become civically engaged and take ownership of actionable solutions in their communities.

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