Reflections on Our Constitution Before the Election

As we rapidly approach November 8th and prepare to cast our votes for the next president, we encourage all our members to pause and re-read the Constitution as a reminder of the foundational basis of our unique country. Before you hit the voting booth, it’s a great refresher on our Founders’ principles and the importance their ideals played in creating the constitutional federal republic we have today. You can read a full annotated text of the Constitution, with explanations, here.

Did you know that we actually have an annual Constitution Day? September 17th commemorates the day that the Constitution was signed in 1787. See below for a graphic from the National Constitution Center, illustrating fun facts about the Constitution. You can also visit their homepage for more great information, including a podcast on the candidates and the Constitution, featuring top constitutional scholars discussing the 2016 presidential campaigns and the Fourth Amendment, and an interactive history of the Constitution. If you’re close to the Philadelphia area, you could even plan a visit (maybe a Circle Field Trip) to the Center’s museum!