Quentella Enty, Director of Strategic Sourcing & Corporate Sustainability at KFA, Inc., Joins the 4th Annual Circle Leadership Summit Speakers

The Policy Circle is pleased to announce that Quentella Enty, Director of Strategic Sourcing & Corporate Sustainability at KFA, Inc., will be a speaker at the The Policy Circle’s 4th Annual Leadership Summit, taking place in Chicago on November 15th, 2019. 

With 20 years of combined academic, corporate, government, civic, nonprofit, and community service leadership experience, Quentella is a highly-sought after resource in the local, national business and international ecosystem. Business industries, government, nonprofit, lenders, Ivy League Executive Business Programs have requested her services and sourcing expertise, when looking for the right Supplier/Partner/Client for their next opportunity.  She will bring this extensive knowledge and background to the Summit mainstage to explore innovation, connectivity, infrastructure and efficiency. 

At KFA, Enty has led initiatives that have allowed new buildings and infrastructure to become more intelligent – not just intelligent based on sensors to heat or cool, but energy controlled based on real-time occupancy. These buildings can connect to the grid of electricity so that cities can be much more efficient in managing traffic flows. In addition, KFA is sharing its expertise in building management information systems to transform a high school on the South Side of Chicago.

With the expansive role of technology platforms and increased connectivity, privacy and security concerns are very real dilemmas for consumers, businesses and governments. Quentella will be joined by Lemuel Williams, of the Center for Austin’s Future, to discuss connectivity, digital infrastructure needs, and data protection in a new frontier for privacy.  
The Policy Circle is proud to welcome Enty to the mainstage alongside several other impressive minds on cybersecurity, policy, innovation, and so much more. Be sure to check out the full list of speakers and their impressive backgrounds.

Have you registered? Bring a friend, a colleague, a mentee, a daughter, a niece – register to attend. Thanks to the innovations of the last century, technology is reshaping everything from how we live in our communities, how we raise our families, grow our businesses and enterprises, and even how citizens interact with their government. Deciphering the non-stop dissemination of information is of critical importance in the debates that surround the most pressing issues of the day, and the policies that impact every American. The 2019 Policy Circle Summit will explore the many aspects of connectivity in our ever-evolving world, and dive deeper into key issues such as big data and privacy, healthcare and so much more.