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The Affordable Care Act

This deep dive focuses on the Affordable Care Act, its impact on healthcare, and what's next. It can be used along with our Healthcare Reform Brief or as stand-alone reading material.

Part of the Conversation Series: Personal Finance Series The 2022 Series


This brief will explore veteran demographics and the issues veterans face as they transition from active-duty service. With a greater understanding comes deeper appreciation for the issues and challenges faced by military personnel and their families, veterans, and the agencies that support them.

Part of the Conversation Series: The 2022 Series The Foundational Series

Water and Power

When we turn on the tap or buy bottled water, we don’t normally consider where it comes from. Water affects almost every aspect of our lives, from staying hydrated and flushing toilets to putting out fires and growing food. How does the water system work? Who are the major influencers? What is the state of water infrastructure in the U.S.? How do we combat droughts, floods, and pollution? How do we value an invaluable resource and make it accessible for all?

Part of the Conversation Series: The 2022 Series