Meet the National Chair of The American Red Cross and find out what women can do to create opportunity in our country

By The Policy Circle Team

The Policy Circle is thrilled to announce Ambassador Bonnie McElveen-Hunter as one of the keynote speakers at this year’s Circle Leadership Summit. She will share her perspective as a former diplomat, the first woman National Chair of the Board of the American Red Cross, and founder and CEO of publishing company Pace Communications in a conversation with Policy Circle President and Co-founder, Sylvie Légère Ricketts.    

Ambassador McElveen-Hunter was appointed as the first woman National Chairman of the Board of the American Red Cross in 2004. From 2001-2003, McElveen-Hunter served as U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Finland. As Ambassador, she initiated the Stop Child Trafficking: End Modern-Day Slavery and Children of Karelia program, as well as founded the Women Business Leaders Summit®, a model for business entrepreneurship partnering women business leaders which continues around the world. She was awarded one of Finland’s highest honors – The Commander Grand Cross of the Order of the Lion.

“Bonnie has an exceptional track record as a business leader, philanthropist, and inspiration for women entrepreneurs internationally,” commented Sylvie Légère Ricketts.  “I am excited to have her share her experiences with this year’s Summit attendees.”  Past Summit one-on-one conversations have included Policy Circle Co-founder, Kathy Hubbard and Nina Easton, chair of Fortune Most Powerful Women International, as well as Sylvie Légère Ricketts and Magatte Wade, founder and CEO of Tiossan.

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