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Lights, Camera, Take Action!

By The Policy Circle Team

In October, Policy Circle members and supporters take to the small screen and it’s time to put a new spin on binge watching.  We are pleased to share several substantial videos that highlight the intersection of leadership and public policy.

The 2018 Policy Circle Leadership Summit Video Series

If you were unable to join us in September or were present but want the opportunity to re-watch your favorite Summit segment, book some time on the couch this weekend.  The Summit Video Series includes 8 videos (between 20-40 minutes each) featuring key voices in creating opportunity in America including Director of the OMB, Mick Mulvaney, and Ambassador Bonnie McElveen-Hunter, as well as a panel of individuals making a difference by exploring new talent pools, partnering education and employment, and re-visiting apprenticeships.  Reshape your network, hone your conversation skills, and jump start your involvement with workshops from Erin Wolf, Kim Borchers among others.

She Said/ She Said Podcasts

2017 panel leader, Laura Cox Kaplan, once again lent her voice to the Summit but this time she brought her own microphone.  Laura’s innovative podcast, She Said She Said, set up a satellite studio at the 2018 Summit interviewing former/current speakers and remarkable guests .  These interviewees join her showcase of uniquely diverse women whose strong voices are making a difference. Stay tuned for announcements on other podcasts with Policy Circle women.  Never miss an episode.

  • Episode #28 – Juliana Zobrist – Laura converses with singer, author, influencer, & CUBS fan, Julianna Zobrist, about how women can Pull It Off by removing fears & putting on confidence.
  • Episode #31 – Magatte Wade  – Laura sits down with this social impact entrepreneur who is putting free market principles & consumer brand power to work addressing poverty in Africa.

These videos will inspire each of us step into the spotlight, project our voices, and to take action!  Happy watching.

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