Leading with Gratitude — Thankful for You

In a year of challenges and uncertainty, Policy Circle Members have been courageous, curious and unyielding in your commitment to identify and own solutions to issues. We are grateful for your commitment to civic life – your love of neighbors, community and country are the very heartbeat of this organization. 

In a time of fear and scarcity, The Policy Circle’s financial supporters have been steadfast and generous.  Thanks to you, the impact of our mission has increased over the last year. 

In a hyper-partisan and divided world, the Policy Circle is grateful for our partners, connectors and collaborators who have shared The Policy Circle framework with their networks, and provided valuable input on  Policy Circle Briefs and programs. 

We are beyond grateful for all who have shared their time, talent and treasures to make The Policy Circle a powerful tool of diplomacy.  Your unyielding support equates to more women who are informed, confident and prepared to step into the arena of civic life.  

While this holiday will look different for many families, we hope that you set the table with gratitude, spark lively conversations and, most of all, sow seeds of hope and courage with those you cherish. We suggest you utilize  The Policy Circle’s many resources on Facilitating  Complex Conversations and Rebuilding Trust to lead those in your circles of influence to engage in constructive and positive conversations. 

Happy Thanksgiving from The Policy Circle Team!

Now is the Time to Circle Up: To build the next generation of women leaders, we need supporters to invest in The Policy Circle’s national grassroots movement to boost civic action and restore civil discourse. 

Your financial support enables The Policy Circle to transform communities through:

  • Fact-Based, Respectful Conversations
  • Solutions-Oriented Civic Engagement
  • Principled Leadership
  • Sustainable Community Impact

#CircleUp today!

Connection is at the heart of The Policy Circle’s model and mission. More than 3,500 women across the country gather regularly to learn about public policy and take action in their communities. Circles provide an open, encouraging environment that fosters friendship and purpose. We celebrate our shared love of country, community and our growing tribe of women who are changing the conversation. Please consider supporting our mission and developing your own leadership skills by becoming a financial supporter

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