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Introducing the New Policy Circle Leadership Video Series

By The Policy Circle Team

How do you feel about power? About networking? About your presence?

The Policy Circle is pleased to announce the launch of a new Leadership Series!

At The Policy Circle, we understand that strengthening your voice is something that takes effort, practice, and confidence. That’s why we put together this six-part video series; so that you can continue your personal development outside of our Annual Leadership Summit.

Based on feedback from Policy Circle Leaders and members, The Policy Circle brought together Founder and CEO of Suite Track, Erin Wolf, Policy Circle co-founder, Sylvie Légère, and communications expert Crystal Bonham, for an in-depth discussion on empowering women to strengthen their leadership capabilities.



The Leadership Series is structured into six video conversations and includes handouts for each section;

  1. Power and Ambition
  2. Embrace Your Leadership Presence
  3. Are You Managing or Leading?
  4. Words Matter
  5. Breaking Your Conversational Rituals
  6. Power of Relationships

Watch, listen, and engage with the materials provided to grow your capacity for leadership.  

Encourage members of your Circle to join in and practice your leadership skills during your Policy Circle meetings.

Click here to dive in to this personal development series.  This series is complimentary to official members with their annual donation of $50 or more.  Official members will receive a promotional code via email. To review the benefits of official membership and donate today, click here.


It’s a movement!

Recommend a Circle Leader.  Especially in Georgia, California, Wisconsin, and Michigan, Kansas and Arizona where circles are sprouting.

Start a Circle in your community. Your community may be your profession or your neighborhood, or both. The Policy Circle is a simple way to practice the language of leaders with the facts and the space to be at ease with weighing in on the impact of policy.   

Invest in The Policy Circle. Together let’s build a network of women who want to be part of the dialogue on the impact of policy in their lives.  

The Policy Circle is a 501(c)3 that provides a fact-based, nonpartisan framework built to inspire women living in the same community to connect, learn about and discuss economic policies that impact their lives.  Women across the nation are taking a leadership role in the public policy dialogue on what human creativity can accomplish in an open economy.