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Many factors can have an impact on shaping health and well-being: where we live, personal choices or “health behaviors,” nutrition, or pre-existing conditions. But when it comes to our diets, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. 

Diets May Not Be the Answer

Conventional wisdom says to “exercise and eat less,” but this hasn’t worked for millions of Americans. Many will experiment with different approaches to nutrition, focusing on diets that lead to temporary weight loss without having too many limitations. And some diets are proven to be more effective for specific health conditions. The low-carbohydrate, high-fat ketogenic (Keto) diet, for example, has emerged as a direct response to the explosive rise in obesity and diabetes in America. It works for many, but not for all. 

Tailored Approach to Your Body

A new effort from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) seeks to understand our individual differences by examining how more than 10,000 Americans process certain foods. This could prove to be a big breakthrough in the field of nutrition science, with an ultimate outcome of tailored diets to an individual’s genes and mircrobiome. 

The bottom line: every person is different and needs a tailored health & wellness approach based on their bodies. The issue: we don’t all have equal access to nutritious foods, educational resources, or support. So while some can afford to try out different approaches, others are left in the dark.

Ask the Questions and Educate Yourself

When examining your own health, the health of your family or community, what are the factors that shape health? When it comes to making decisions that address health equity, who should be at the decision-making table? 

Read the Policy Circle Brief to learn more about Health Disparities & Determinants of Health.

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We’ve gathered articles, videos, and analysis to dive-deeper into timely topics about the policy issues and opportunities that impact us all. Explore below and if you have additional news you think we should share, send us an email.


Worried About Ageism? Where you live matters

A recent study found that implicit bias—a subconscious negative attitude—against older people was most prevalent in the Northeast and Southeast. And age bias might affect how older people are treated in the pandemic.

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Breaking Down Reconciliation

Breaking Down Reconciliation

Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID relief plan is making its way through congress. The process known as the reconciliation congressional budget process cannot be filibustered and would only need 51 votes.

Explore the role of the U.S. Senate and its committees in our Policy Circle Brief.

$15 min wage

Biden Wants a $15 Minimum Wage. What does this mean for the economy?

President Biden says his proposal to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour will lift many low-wage workers out of poverty, but some businesses and economists warn it could cost jobs as the U.S. recovers from pandemic layoffs.

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Biden Signs Immigration Orders as Congress Awaits More

President Joe Biden on Tuesday signed a second spate of orders to undo his predecessor’s immigration policies, demonstrating the powers of the White House and its limitations without support from Congress.

Learn more about immigration and what you can do at the local level in our Policy Circle Brief.

COVID Vaccine: How to get one.

WebMD released a state-by-state guide that will help you locate your local vaccine hub. Find your state and sign up to receive notifications for when the vaccine is available for you.

Find your state’s guide

Russia Dismisses International Criticism of Navalny Verdict

A Moscow court handed Russian dissident Alexei Navalny a prison sentence of two years and eight months on Tuesday, as authorities hope to put an end to a saga that has seen thousands of Russians take to the streets in protest over the last two weeks.

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