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Democrats Win Georgia: What you need to know.

John Ossoff and Raphael Warnock won the Georgia senate race, which is a significant change for American politics as Democrats will have control of the Presidency, House and Senate.

What Can We Expect?

There are many initiatives like The Green New Deal and Medicare for All and that will likely get attention. However, it won’t be a quick or easy process as most bills require 60 senate votes to pass. So although the new Senate will be evenly split between the two parties at 50-50, new legislation cannot pass even when there’s a tie.

One thing we do know for sure is that the number of uninsured Americans has risen since Trump’s presidency, and parts of the Affordable Care Act were weakened, so healthcare reform will likely be a top priority for the new presidency–in addition to immigration.

Read NPR’s summary of Biden’s 100-day plan to stay up-to-date.

How to take action: 

Other News

Protests of the Electoral College Certification

News of the Capitol in chaos during the electoral college certification might have you wanting a refresher on the electoral college. Read this Policy Circle Brief to learn more.

COVID Vaccine Rollout Plan by State

17 million doses of the COVID vaccine have been distributed with more on the way. Some are apprehensive to receive it because of distrust.

Read the Policy Circle Brief to learn more about the state of trust in America.

To get involved: sign-up for vaccination updates from your county, and participate in town hall meetings to stay informed.

State and Federal Role of COVID Lockdowns

As COVID surges, some states are enforcing strict lockdowns. Why is it up to each state to decide how to manage the pandemic and what happens at the federal level?

Learn more about what is the role of the local vs. federal government in crisis.

The 117th Congress “will have more women than any Congress in history”

To end on a good note, we’ll soon see the most women ever in the House of Representatives, including the largest number of female Republicans!

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