Join The Policy Circle For A Reception During The United Nations General Assembly

The Policy Circle along with Concordia invites you to join us in New York City on Tuesday, September 24th for an evening reception at a private residence during the U.N. General Assembly. This event will honor the passage of The BUILD Act and is open to supporters at the Innovators’ Level.

Happy People Have More Meaningful Conversation

By The Policy Circle Team

Did you know that happiness and meaningful interactions go hand-in-hand? Psychologist Matthias Mehl explains “For one, humans are driven to create meaning in their lives, and substantive conversations help us do that. Also, human beings — both introvert and extrovert — are social animals who have a real need to connect with others. Substantive conversation connects, while small talk doesn’t.” (read the full article in Psychology Today) Policy Circle Members have experienced this because that’s what The Policy Circle is about: deep dive conversations.   In addition to expanded knowledge and confidence building, general happiness is one more reason to start a circle, host a conversation and encourage others to do so.

Connector Program Grows

The Policy Circle Connector Program was designed for individuals (including men) who have a passion for encouraging women to step outside of the box and into meaningful conversation. Connectors inspire women to take their policy engagement to the next level by creating their own Policy Circles. The program has grown to include 50 Connectors from around the country.  Summer is a great time to reconnect with people, take the opportunity to have a meaningful conversation about The Policy Circle, and earn a Connector Badge by Recommending Circle Leaders. Contact Nicole Cline at to learn more.

“I’m stoked about this!” was the reaction of our most recent Connector and Circle Leader, Monica P., upon learning about the Connector program. Like many professional women with an interest in public policy, Monica is committed to empowering more women through her network across lower Michigan by starting circles. As a public servant, Monica knows that encouraging more women through community, connection and discussion leads to fulfillment and contentment.

Summer Circle, Network and State Activity

Each season brings online a new cohort of Circles and it brings us great happiness to welcome to the Summer cohort: 

And in Michigan, The Policy Circle is coordinating with the Midland Business Alliance and the Michigan Chamber of Commerce to explore the business community’s perspective on state issues and encourage women in their networks to hone their leadership, communication and collaboration skills by starting their own Policy Circles.  Next, the Policy Circle team will also turn its attention to Texas. With 18 Policy Circles in the state, it’s the right time to expand beyond the greater Dallas area and into other cities, such as Houston, and others. 

Finally, don’t miss the chance to meet your cohort at the Annual Policy Circle Leadership Summit — Registration is Now Open!