CircleUp America: Antitrust Laws

CircleUp America is a new national community conversation event designed to engage Policy Circle members in dialogue across the country on newly released Policy Circle Briefs.

Members across the country can participate by hosting their own in-person Policy Circle conversations using a new brief or by joining a virtual meeting hosted by The Policy Circle Team.

On Thursday, March 31, The Policy Circle is hosting our first CircleUp America event to explore a topic that is constantly in the news – antitrust.

In addition to in-person conversations, we’ll gather virtually (at noon & 7pm CST) to have  conversations about antitrust, the efforts to break up big tech, the laws aimed at protecting consumers and preserving competition, and most importantly, how antitrust laws shape your daily life as  a citizen and consumer.

Click here to read or download the new Antitrust Policy Circle Brief, and then, choose your next step:
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2) Host an in-person Policy Circle Conversation on or around March 31st:
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For more insight on this issue, watch this Move the Needle Virtual Experience on Antitrust featuring the former head of the Federal Trade Commission Deborah Majoras, Texas Attorney General’s Antitrust Division Chief James Lloyd, and former U.S. Congresswoman Barbara Comstock.

We cannot wait to CircleUp with you on March 31!