The Peter Bowe and Barbara Stewart Foundation announced one of the largest gifts in the foundation's history to fund a multi-year initiative to diversify and expand the reach of The Policy Circle's Civic Leadership Engagement Roadmap program.

Circle Leadership Series Events

Building confidence in women is the core activity of The Policy Circle, gathering women who wish to be more engaged in the issues and public policies affecting their values, families and communities. To equip our community with resources to go beyond the headlines and make informed decisions on the issues and policy proposals that impact us all, our Leadership Series provides opportunities to explore:

  • How to Engage with Elected Officials
  • How to Interact with the Media
  • How to have Impossible Conversations
  • Leading in Crisis
  • The Essential Skills of Leadership
  • Empowering a Team or a Movement
  • Discovering Your Personal Vision
  • Building your Brand and Your Network
  • Strategic Lessons Leaders Ask
  • How to Join a Board
  • Building Your Life’s Strategic Plan

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The Policy Circle was thrilled to Circle Up for a working webinar session with LinkedIn’s Christina Maruna to explore:
why LinkedIn is the best platform to leverage your personal and professional brand; how to design your profile to get noticed; how to strategize and network on the platform like a pro; and the opportunities for thought leadership for your brand, your business, or a cause you’re passionate about.

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Policy Circle women and our leaders learned how to fine-tune their facilitation skills, especially when it comes to difficult or complex discussions. This discussion allowed Circle Leaders to explore a variety of tips and techniques – available in these tip sheets.

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Interacting with reporters can be intimidating, especially if you haven’t done this type of outreach before. Building relationships with reporters can take time, but it’s a valuable tool once you’ve done so in establishing yourself or your organization as a thought leader.

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More than ever, Americans realize how every part of life is impacted by public policy – existing or proposed. And yet, even at the local level, it is easy to feel disconnected from elected officials and the policymaking process. This is among the reasons why it is so important for constituents to interact with their representatives about the issues they care about most.

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Whether you’re used to video conferences or the virtual realm is new and intimidating, these are the tips to remember when facilitating a virtual discussion.

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