5 Ways to Invest in Yourself and Your Community – Now and into 2021

There’s still a few weeks left in 2020, and although it’s been a challenging year in many ways, we want to encourage you to make the best of 2020, looking forward to a prosperous and thriving new year. 

This month we’re focusing on financial literacy because we believe with a strong financial foundation — for you and for others — there are more choices and freedom for all Americans. But focusing on your finances is just step one. There are plenty of ways to make investments in yourself and in your community, so follow these helpful tips below to get started.

  • Learn the facts and start the conversation. Read our Policy Circle Brief about financial literacy to deepen your knowledge about personal finances, the role of the government, and ways to get involved.  Use the brief to talk to your friends and to have constructive conversations about finances. Bonus: Test your knowledge. Financial literacy among Americans has been steadily declining (from 42% to 34%), Take this quiz to test your own knowledge.
  • Take Hold of Your Financial Freedom. The Policy Circle hosted a virtual event on December 9th on how to achieve financial freedom with a panel of financial experts. Watch the program to gain valuable insights into bettering the financial health for yourself, your family, your business and your community.
  • Give the gift of leadership. There’s incredible value in having a community and framework to empower women to take on leadership roles with confidence. Give the unique gift of The Policy Circle — sponsor a friend or women in your network with a membership today. 
  • Invest in The Policy Circle. Invest in The Policy Circle’s national grassroots movement aimed at boosting civic action and restoring civil discourse. Your contribution is an investment in a network of women who embrace civility, not hostility. 

These are just a few of the ways to finish this year off strong and start the new year with confidence and gratitude. 

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